Binderiya Khuchitbaatar

Mongolia / Higashikawa Japanese Language School 1 year course

Q. What was the impression before you entered this school? And also what do you think about the life here after actually you start living here?

Right after I graduated high school in Mongolia, I moved here so I was nervous about the life in the dorm and living alone. And also there are exchange students who came here after graduated collage so I was worried that I could make any friends. I now have lots of friends and I am living here happily. However, when half a year had passed I felt stressed about my further education. About going to a college, and the entrance exam. But I overcame with all the supports from exchange students and people in Higashikawa. Since I can play the “matouqin”, I get invited to events in Higashikawa and I play it everywhere. It is fun that I can interact with citizens from Higashikawa.

There are not a lot of stores to eat at when I want to eat light snacks at night because it is a small town. It is difficult that I have to take buses to go to Asahikawa to go shopping when I got stressed and want to go shopping spree. Transportation is not convenient. That made me not going much so I could have much time to study and it was good.

Q. What is the difference between living in Higashikawa or in Mongolia?

Japanese people may be a little ambiguous. For example, when you ask them to go out, and they say something unclear answers like “maybe…” I want them to be flunk

Q. Tell us about some of the activities in Higashikawa.

I joined the tea ceremony. I have done it before but it is still fun even though I have tried several times. The tea ceremony has lots of complex etiquettes but I think it is respectable Japanese culture and history. Japanese confectioneries and green tea have beautiful balance of bitterness and sweetness and it is delicious.

I can be friends with lots of exchange students from several countries when I attended activities. I can come along with friends better so I would recommend you to attend. I regret that I should have done skiing at the ski area in Higashikawa.

Q. What do you think about winter in Higashikawa?

The snow is just like cotton. For the first time I was like “ Wow it is beautiful. I have never seen this before.” but lately I think it is getting cold when I see the snow is falling down. I got used to the snow.

Q. What's your plan after finishing the course?

I will go to a Japanese college after I graduate here. I graduated Mongolian high school and I came here for the Japanese language school so I am thinking going to a college next.

After I graduate the college, I may work at a Japanese company. But now I want to go to Europe too, so I don't know what I'll do yet after I graduate the collage.

Q. Do you have a part time job?

I am working at the convenience store in Higashikawa.

I was not good at speaking Japanese so it was hard for a while but now I am okay. 30% of the employees here are exchange students.