Taiwan / Higashikawa Japanese Language School - 1 year course

Q. Tell us something you can be proud of about Higashikawa-cho, Hokkaido?

It has a beautiful view, and a substantial living environment.

I think the dorm rooms, schoolrooms, facilities, etc. and everything is amazing. Especially the library (Cent Pure II), it is fantastic. I took my friend there when they visited me. I introduce this library to them as a beautiful library from the town Higashikawa where I live now. There are a lot of facilities I want to visit with my family and friends. Like the café. I can proud of this town.

Q. Tell us something you like about Higashikawa.

① People

Japanese language teachers from Higashikawa-cho are so kind. Not only learning Japanese from them, for example when I said I want to work in Japan, they think about the further education or employment together. Friends from other countries are important.

② Views and shops

There are lots of stores and cafes in Higashikawa. For example the store called Wednesday café & bake and Kitanisumaisekkeisha have a great atmosphere and the food is amazing. They have a lot of variety stores, and have good quality items. You can get everything you want.

③ Support from the town

City hall, civilians, and all of the people from Higashikawa give an utmost support to exchange students. Improved tuition assistance. HUC card (local point card) with monthly support is also great. There are lots of city facilities exchange students can use; they can use pools and gyms for free. It is an exchange student friendly town.

④ There are many festivals and other events

You can enjoy events in Higashikawa. In the spring, there is Kurashitanoshiku Festival, in the summer Natsuhadontokoi matsuri, in the winter Kori matsuri. There are countless festivals and events throughout a year and they are fun. I made a snowman at Korimatsuri. I made snowmen with friends and they ended up in unique shapes and we asked each other “what are those?” and had fun. Snow sculptures are beautiful but making them would be really difficult.

⑤ Activities

I experienced sea kayak sponsored by Higashikawa tourism association in the summer. I paddled through the Chubetsu Lake, I could see the Asahidake in Daisetsu mountain national park and it felt great. It is not too hot and comfortable weather in the summer. In my hometown Taiwan, it will be 38 degrees in the summer so it is comfortable in Higashikawa. You can feel the four seasons.

Q. Do you have any friends from other countries?

All the girls are living in a women-only international exchange hall so we all got along.

Q. Is there any activities in Higashikawa?

I attend activities once a month. It is a selective system so you can choose whatever you want. Making pottery is more interesting than I expected. It takes about a month to finish up everything but when it was finished, I was speechless and impressed. This pottery experience in Higashikawa does not use paint but use three different colored clays and you will mix them up by yourself. I think this is the only pottery experience you can do in Higashikawa.

Q. Did you get a job?

I got a job after attending the job fair in Sapporo and had an interview with one of the companies. I will work at a shop of a foreign fashion company. I handed my résumé, and had an interview next, then I got a final interview with people in Tokyo through Skype. Before the final interview, my teacher helped me with the interview and it was really hard. Starting from honorific, that is unfamiliar to me, the way I enter and sit at the interview venue, and the entire possible interview details my teacher assumed and practiced with me as a interviewer.

Q. What was your condition to choose a company for your carrier?

I chose the job where I could be a full time employee. I got two job offers, but the other one has lots of part time employees. After the discussion with Japanese language teacher, I decided to work at the foreign brands shop. Work conditions (bonus/ retirement allowance) and environment are better.