Business Course

In Higashikawa, there are free business class courses targeting for mainly exchange students, and also Higashikawa citizens, those who working in Higashikawa, and high school students who want to work in Higashikawa-cho who want to interact with exchange students. We have arranged the curriculum, which you can practically learn the essential knowledge and approach for “employment”, becoming “managers”, and “store owner / CEO” cooperated by general incorporation association environmental planning society (chairman: Professor Emeritus Ryoichi Yamamoto Tokyo University).

  • Tourism, Culture, Life and Work course (6 months/ once a month)
  • Visiting local stores and businesses course (6 months/ once a month)
  • Business Management course (6 months/ once a month)

We are hoping you can use the knowledge you got from these courses for employment in Japan, opening stores, and establish companies. Of course we are designing the curriculum for exchange students, which can be used after returning countries. Once you complete each course, you will receive the certificate of completion authorized by Higashikawa and the general incorporation association environmental planning society.

How to apply

Contact us by email, FAX or visit us in person.


You may write your name, phone number, email address, and the name of the course you wish to take.

2. FAX


3. Visit our office:

Contact person: Chie Yamaguchi
Multicultural Community Room, Higashikawa International Exchange Division, Cent Pure I