Local's voice Misaki Takasaka & Kairi Kitamura

Misaki Takasaka & Kairi Kitamura

Q. How did you find out about the International Talk, and how was it?

Misaki: My teacher at Higashikawa high school told me that there's an opportunity to meet foreign students, and asked me if I'm intereted to join. I was very interested and decided to go.

Kairi: Me too. My teacher told me about it. They put us into groups. It was easy to have chat with the foreign students.

Q. What do you think about these events where you can communicate with students from other countries?

Kairi: It makes me realize I want to visit many countries. I have some ex-student friends from Myanmar and Thailand. We are in touch over SNS. When I was in middle school there was an animation I really liked. The concept was to humanize countries. If you know about animation, you can easily get to know foreign students as you have a common topic. It brings us closer. I will feel reassured to visit countries where I have friends.

Once I was at a bus stop before going home, and a group of foreign students asked me to do their questionnaire. In Higashikawa, I luckily have many chances to talk to people from many countries.

Misaki: There's an annual photography event in August called "HIGASHIKAWA Youth Festival". The town invites high school students from all over the world (about 19 countries). People come from countries that I haven't never come across with, like Thailand, Myanmar, Finland and Marshall Islands. We talked in English and became friends on SNS. More I get to know those students, more I want to visit Thailand or Myanmar. During the event's period, everyone is speaking English here and there. It's a lot of fun! My English is still at beginner's level, but I can still have fun using body languages and basic vocabulary.